The major focus of the Southeastern Regional Conservation Association, Inc. (SERCA) is to educate caretakers of cultural property and their communities about preservation as an ongoing responsibility, as well as to raise awareness and support for conservation.  One chief interest of SERCA is to assist caretakers of cultural property in effectively responding to disasters. The ultimate goal of SERCA is for each collecting institution in the Southeast to have a realistic emergency plan. SERCA hopes to improve access to conservation expertise through outreach activities to cultural repositories – particularly in areas which have had only limited exposure to professional conservation.

SERCA covers the states regarded as the Southeast region of the United States. Most of the members live and work in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. SERCA holds an annual meeting as well as occasional sponsored workshops providing conservation professionals with opportunities for collegial exchange. Area conservators as well as pre-program students and allied field professionals are encouraged to attend.