Leonora Weaver Scholarship:

Leonora Weaver (1957-2014) was an Atlanta-based conservator in private practice; a long-term member of SERCA; and a mentor to many students and emerging conservators across the southeast and beyond. In honor of Leonora’s commitment to education, SERCA is dedicated to the maintenance of the Leonora Weaver Scholarship, which will cover registration fees and provide a small stipend for travel to SERCA’s annual educational programs. To apply for a Leonora Weaver Scholarship, please send a resume and brief (one page) statement of how the topic of this year’s program would benefit your long-term educational and career goals. Please send this via e-mail to SERCA Education Chair, Julie Newton Application deadline for 2018 award cycle is January 31st 2018.

To help maintain the Leonora Weaver Scholarship fund, please donate using the PayPal button below or send a check for the desired amount to:  Kirsten Wehner, SERCA Treasurer- Woodruff Library Preservation Office, #127; 540 Asbury Circle; Emory University; Atlanta, GA 30322

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