Find a Conservator

Listed below are SERCA members available for consultation. For more conservators in your area please visit the American Institute for Conservation.
This list does not imply any professional endorsement by the Southeast Regional Conservation Association.


Muffie Austin
Textile Conservation Services
Fernandina Beach, FL
AIC Professional Associate
Specialty: Textiles

Andrew Baxter, Conservator
Bronze et al, Ltd.
Port Charlotte, FL
(804) 677-7030
Specialty: Sculpture & Monuments, Objects

Beverly Burgin
Burgin Conservation of Paintings
Lithia, FL
813-541-6345 or 813-655-9555

Viviana Dominguez
Art Conservators Lab
Miami, FL
(786) 973-8138
AIC Professional Associate
Specialty: Murals, paintings and art on paper
Other Services: conservation survey and assessments

Amparo Escolano
South Florida Art Conservation
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 557-4036
Specialty: Paper, paintings, sculptures, objects

Rustin Levenson
ArtCare Conservation
Miami, FL
Specialty: Paintings

Kelly O’Neill
ArtCare Conservation
Miami, FL
Specialty: Paintings

Veronica Romero
ArtCare Conservation
Miami, FL
Specialty: Paintings

Barbara Stella
Stella Art Conservation
West Palm Beach, FL
AIC Professional Associate
Specialty: Paintings, Indoor Sculptures, Objects, Artifacts, Murals
Other Services: Conservation assessments and reporting, consultations, disaster recovery, preventive conservation.

James Swope
James. Swope Fine Arts Conservation, Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL
561 833 2862
Specialty: Paintings


Jessica Betz Abel
Carlos Museum
Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Objects

Shae Avery
Avery Gallery, Inc.
Marietta, GA
Specialty: Kasimir etchings, painting, frame and sculpture restoration

Ann Frellsen
Frellsen Consulting
Decatur, GA
Specialty: Book and Paper, Disaster Recovery

Laura Goodman
PaperCare Studio
Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Fine art on paper, maps, documents, photographs

Andrew Huot
Big River Bindery, LLC
Norcross, GA
(404) 831-3849
Specialty: Book and paper

Tracey Johnson
Georgia Archives
Morrow, GA
(678) 364-3762
Specialty: Book and paper

Nancy S. Livengood
NS Shippen Art
Atlanta, GA
(404) 783-0210
Specialty: Objects conservation

Kim Norman
Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Book and Paper

Michelle Savant
Larry Shutts
Savant and Shutts Art Conservation
Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Objects, outdoor sculpture, paintings, murals, frames

Katherine Singley
Conservation Anthropologica
Decatur, GA
Professional Associate AIC
Member SEMC, Florida Association of Museums
Specialty: Archaeological, ethnographic, historic, and decorative objects
Other services: CAP assessments, as well as general and object-specific surveys of collections

Stephanie Watkins
Watkins Conservation Services, LLC
Available by appointment only in northeast Atlanta metro area, GA
AIC Fellow
Specialty: Art, artifacts, and photographs on paper (e.g. works of art, documents, prints, maps, posters, paper ephemera, manuscripts, and related supports such as works on parchment)
Other services: Consultations, collections assessments and surveys, examination before purchase, preservation, and treatment

Kirsten Wehner
Atlanta, GA
(404) 727-9042
Specialty: Book/Paper


Laura Moeller
Strange Stock Art Conservation, LLC
Covington, KY
Specialty: Paper and photographic materials


Susie Anders
Southern Art Conservation, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA
Specialty: Objects


Katie Boodle
Northeast Document Conservation Center
Andover, MA
(978) 470-1010 ext 230
Specialty: Books and art on paper

Tahe Zalal
Northeast Document Conservation Center
Andover, MA
Specialty: Paper conservation


Roy T. Canizaro
PhotoArts Imaging Professionals
Hattiesburg, MS
Specialty: Electronic & Time-based Media

Kim R. Du Boise
PhotoArts Imaging Professionals, LLC
Hattiesburg, MS
601-582-3686 (FOTO)
AIC Professional Associate
Specialty: Photographic materials, glass, metal, film, historic processes & prints; preservation & conservation assessments & planning assistance; electronic media & film conservation
Other services: Digitization of media, archives materials; processing & printing large format films


Ruth Barach Cox
Painting Conservation Inc.
Durham, NC
Specialty: Easel painting
Other Services: Surveys, consultation, examination, treatment (on-site treatment, in studio treatment)

Mark Erdmann
Riley Art Conservation
Raleigh, NC
Specialty: Objects

Jennifer French
North Carolina Museum of History
Raleigh, NC
(919) 807-7883
Specialty: Objects

David Goist
Goist Art Conservation
Asheville, NC
Specialty: Paintings and painted surfaces

Janet W. Hessling
Hessling Conservation, LLC.
Durham, NC
(919) 210-5465
AIC Professional Associate
Specialty: Paintings
Other services: Collections care, surveys

Matthew Johnson
ECS Conservation
Browns Summit, NC
(336) 665-1317
AIC Professional Associate
Specialty: Book Conservation

Renee Jolly
Biltmore Estate
Asheville, NC
Specialty: Objects

Marianne Kelsey
Marianne Kelsey Book and Paper Conservation
Greensboro, NC
Specialty: Book and paper
Other Services: onsite consultations and collections surveys, disaster relief

Corey Smith Riley
NC Museum of Art
Raleigh, NC
Specialty: Objects

Heather South
Western Regional Archives, State Archives of NC
Asheville, NC
Specialty: Documents and photographs

Kesha Talbert
ECS Conservation
Browns Summit, NC
(336) 665-1317
Specialty: Paper Conservation

Kate Vukovich
North Carolina State Archives
Raleigh, NC
Specialty: Book and paper

Kara Warren
Biltmore Estate
Asheville, NC
Specialty: Preventive Conservation


Jennifer Bullock
Carolina Conservation
Columbia, SC
(541) 954-2634 (Cell), (803) 781-1515 (studio)
Specialty: Paintings
Other Services: Frames, photos, paper, objects, mentoring, preprogram placements, ECPN Regional Liaison – Carolinas, specialize in art damaged by fire and/or water

James Davis
Charleston Library Society
Charleston, SC
Specialty: Book and Paper

Sarah James
Carolina Conservation
Irmo, SC
Specialty: Objects

Ginny Newell
ReNewell Inc. Fine Art Conservation
Columbia, SC
(803) 254-1640
Specialty: Oil paintings and art on paper
Other services: Consultation

Flavia Puoti
Warren Lasch Conservation Center – Clemson University
Charleston, SC
Specialty: Metal Conservator

Johanna Rivera
Warren Lasch Conservation Center, Clemson University
Charleston, SC
Specialty: Underwater and archaeological materials, preventive conservation
Other services: Analysis provided by the center RAMAN, SEM, XRF, 3D White light scanning, Digital radiography, FTIR, Chromatography

Joanne Klaar Walker
Walker Painting Conservation, LLC
Fort Mill, SC
(240) 575-8676
Specialty: Painting conservation
Other Services: courier travel, exhibition condition reports


Shelley Reisman Paine
Shelley Paine Conservation, LLC
Nashville, TN
Specialty: Conservation of objects and sculpture

Eva Sander-Conwell
Conwell Conservation Services
Signal Mountain, TN
(423) 886-6054
Specialty: Objects

Luis Seixas
LS Art Conservation
Memphis, TN
Speciality: Objects
Other Services: Preventive conservation, assessment. art installation


Sue Donovan
University of Virginia Library
Charlottesville, VA
Specialty: Book and Paper