SERCA Newsletters

The SERCA Newsletter was begun in Fall of 2018 as a way for members to keep up with what was going on in SERCA and as well as present information of their own to a local audience. The Newsletter is currently sent out 2-3 times per year through the SERCA Listserv. Archive copies of the newsletter are available in PDF form here for the public and SERCA members who want to see what SERCA and its members have done in the past.

If you have a submission for the Newsletter, such as a conservation project you’ve been working on or a conservation tip, please contact us at, attn: Newsletter Coordinators, Tracey Johnson and Ephranette Brown.

Please note that the most recent issues are reserved for current members and will be accessible only through the Listserv. Issues will be added to the page on a rolling basis as more are created.