Annual Meeting


SERCA 2020 Annual Meeting
February 28 – March 1, 2020
North Carolina Museum of History, Raleigh, NC
Gwen Spicer, author of Magnetic Mounting Systems for Museums & Cultural Institutions

Hope you can join us!


Please note that payment is required in order to complete your registration. Payments can be made by credit card online through PayPal, or by mailing a check payable to SERCA to:
Brittany Dolph Dinneen, SERCA Treasurer
Michael C. Carlos Museum
Emory University 571 S Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322



Leonora Weaver Scholarship:

Leonora Weaver (1957-2014) was an Atlanta-based conservator in private practice; a long-term member of SERCA; and a mentor to many students and emerging conservators across the southeast and beyond. In honor of Leonora’s commitment to education, SERCA is dedicated to the maintenance of the Leonora Weaver Scholarship, which will cover registration fees and provide a small stipend for travel to SERCA’s annual educational programs. To apply for a Leonora Weaver Scholarship, please send a resume and brief (one page) statement of how the topic of this year’s program would benefit your long-term educational and career goals. Please send this via e-mail to SERCA Education Chair, Julie Newton Application deadline for 2019 award cycle is February 15th, 2019.

To help maintain the Leonora Weaver Scholarship fund, please donate using the PayPal button on the Funding Opportunities page or send a check payable to SERCA for the desired amount to:  Brittany Dolph Dinneen, SERCA Treasurer- Michael C. Carlos Museum; Emory University; 571 S Kilgo Circle Atlanta, GA 30322

SERCA’s annual meeting typically lasts 2-3 days and consists of presentation, workshop and community outreach activities. The meeting is typically scheduled during early Spring and alternates location between Atlanta, Georgia and other regional cities.

Members benefit from the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge at a cost often less than those held at the annual AIC meeting or at other regional sites. A short business meeting is held during the workshop for members to elect new officers and vote on organization activities.

Past meetings and topics:

2019 “Application of techniques in paper conservation” presented by Ginny Newell, Stephanie Watkins and Amparo Escolano, and “Modular Cleaning Program” presented by Nina Roth Wells; Atlanta, GA
“Gels and Poultices,” Charleston SC
 “Challenges Encountered with Adhesives and Stain Removal,” Keynote speaker and subject matter expert Linda Morenus, Library of Congress; Morrow, GA
2016 “Conservation in the Age of Man-Made Disasters:  Strategies for protecting and preserving cultural heritage against vandalism, defacement, and destruction,” presentations by Cori Wegener, Heather South and Lorne Tademy; Asheville, NC
2015 “Disaster Planning and Mitigation,” presentations by Jeanne Drewes, Rustin Levenson, David Goist; Savannah, GA
2014 “Consolidation – Issues and Techniques,” presentations by several SERCA members, Queens University, Charlotte, SC
2013 “Mold: Concerns in the Conservation of Heritage Collections,” presented by Olivia Primanis, senior conservator at Univ. Texas and Eliot Horner of UL-Air Quality Sciences
2012 “Survey Strategies,” presented by David Goist, Kate Singley, and Matt Johnson; University of South Carolina-Columbia, SC
2011 “Integrated Pest Management and Identification,” presented by Patrick Kelley, of Insects, LTD., Emory University, Atlanta, GA
2010 “Modular Cleaning Program,” presented by Chris Stavroudis, West Palm Beach, FL
2009 “Environmental Monitoring and Control for Small Institutions: Innovative Approaches and Practical Solutions,” presented by Steven Weintraub, Atlanta, GA
2008 “Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop for Digital Photography,” Raleigh, NC
2007 “Enzymes and Their Targets for Conservators,” presented by Hal Erickson, Atlanta, GA
2006 “Recovery of Wet Materials Following a Disaster,” presented by Barbara Moore and M. J. Davis, Charleston, SC
2005 “Digital Photography 101 for Conservators,” presented by Yosi A. R-Pozeilov and Chail Norton, Atlanta, GA
2004 “New Methods in Cleaning Fine and Decorative Paint Surfaces,” West Palm Beach FL
2003 “Filling the Void: Philosophy, Materials, and Methods for Loss Compensation,” presented by James Bernstein, Atlanta GA
2002 “Microclimates,” presented by Hugh Phibbs, and “Disaster Preparedness and Response,” presented by Don Etherington, and others, Greensboro NC
2001 “Basics of Mold Growth and Mold Mitigation,” presented by Elliot Horner, and “This Doesn’t Stink: Chemical-free Alternatives to Fumigation,” presented by Bob Pennington, Atlanta GA